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Supporting Young People in Foster Care to Thrive

At Challenge Community Services, our Foster Care teams are passionate about supporting our young people in care to achieve their goals. We believe that when children and young people are well supported, they flourish. Here are some inspiring stories from our community that highlight the incredible achievements of our young people. 


From Learning to Earning: Timothy’s Journey 

One young person, Timothy*, has been working hard with his mentor to finish his custom trike. The knowledge and training gained over the past year has resulted in Timothy being offered a job with a mechanics body shop. This first job is a crucial step in his life, showcasing the importance of guidance and support in achieving personal milestones. 


Jenny’s First Job: A Step Towards Independence 

Jenny*, another young person in out of home care, recently started her first job with McDonald’s after impressing the team with her positive attitude and personable nature. Jenny is excited about the experience and, in her own words, it’s “mostly about earning some money!” Preparing our young people for job interviews and the workplace is a key part of our support strategy. 


Jamie’s Sporting Triumph 

Jamie* has been selected for the Australian Youth Futsal Team after representing NSW at the 2023 National School Futsal Championships. He will travel to Chile to represent Australia in May 2024. This achievement highlights the importance of encouraging and nurturing young people’s passions and talents. 


Rising Leaders: Celebrating School Leadership 

Leadership qualities are encouraged to shine within our community. Recently, several young people in care have been appointed to leadership roles in their school communities: 

  • Zarlie* was elected as part of the Leadership Group at primary school and will be the Sports House Captain next year. 
  • Manny* was voted Student Representative Council (SRC) for his Year 2 class. 
  • Rose* was elected School Captain and is considering her tertiary education options as she completes her Year 12 studies. 


Teddie’s Triumph in Swimming 

Teddie*, who has an intellectual disability, has struggled with focus and emotional regulation throughout his early years at school. Despite these challenges, Teddie found his passion in swimming and was recently named the Australian National 200m Freestyle Champion. His story is a testament to the power of pursuing one’s passions and the positive impact of dedicated support. 

At Challenge Community Services, we are committed to helping our young people in foster care achieve their dreams and reach their full potential. These stories are just a few examples of the incredible progress and success that can be achieved with the right support and encouragement. When children and young people are well supported, they truly flourish. 

To find out more about foster care and how you can help children to achieve their dreams, contact our team. 

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals. 


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