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Supported Independent Living

A place to call home

Challenge Disability Services experienced, and trained staff will help you with:

  • Personal care
  • Social and medical needs
  • Day-to-day needs such as banking, attending appointments, preparing meals, washing, cleaning and shopping.

Making friends and doing things together is an essential part of living in a shared home. Your family and friends can visit you or come along to activities including:

  • Shopping excursions
  • Community events such as markets and sporting events
  • Attending live music, seeing a movie and other local attractions
  • Gardening, cooking and craft

To find out whether Supported Independent Living will suit your needs, enquire today.

NDIS support

SIL is best suited for participants who have high support needs. This means you require a significant amount of help throughout the day. If SIL is the most appropriate support for you, you will receive funding for this assistance as part of your NDIS plan.

The amount of SIL funding you receive will depend on the level and type of support you need to live as independently as you can.

Supported Independent Living is funded under Core Supports – Assistance with Daily Life in your NDIS plan. The NDIS does not fund the cost of rent, board, transport, and other day-to-day expenses such as food and activities.

Find out more about NDIS SIL funding here.

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What is Supported Independent Living (SIL)?

If you have an intelectual, physical or psychosocial disability and you are unable to live independently, Supported Independent Living (SIL) could be the right choice for you.

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is an NDIS support where you can live with other people with a disability or on your own. You will also receive support with everyday tasks like cleaning, cooking and personal care.

Challenge Disability Services has residential Supported Independent Living homes across NSW and South East Queensland, and are quickly expanding.

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is assessed and funded separately to SIL.

Supported Independent Living FAQ

Challenge offer a range of support around Independent Living. This can range from living in a ratio funded supported home (such as a 1:3) where we are fully staffed over a 24/7 period to assisting you in your own home with drop in support tailored to your needs. We can often assist you with the inquiry on how you would like to live and the type of housing you wish to live in.

Our homes are all new in well sort areas. Challenge fully furnished in all common areas and maintain the basics of the home. We offer a range of properties to cater to different client needs. Some of our properties are purpose built for accessibility and providing high levels of physical support, while some of our properties are standard modern residential homes in quiet neighbourhoods. No matter what kind of property it is, we try to make all our Challenge houses feel like a home.

Challenge do have some homes that are SDA approved. If you are after a specific type of housing we can always discuss the needs through inquiry and assist you with what we can help with. Challenge has many existing SDA homes that can accommodate residents with different levels of SDA funding. Challenge also has the option to work with our clients to build brand new, state-of-the-art SDA properties designed around a client’s specific needs. Find out more about SDA here. 

Challenge have a thorough matching process. Discussion around who you would like to live with can happen quite early in the inquiry process so we know exactly what you would like when looking for a housemate. Challenge provides a comprehensive matching process to help you find suitable housemates, or to match you to a suitable home. We also understand that sometimes things change or don’t work out, and we can support you to address issues or find another option

All of Challenge participants are included in all aspects of house hold decisions this includes documented house meetings and of the day to day activities, duties and tasks. Staff are there to support you to live independently in your home. We encourage all of our residents to take an active role in household decisions – this includes day to day things like meals, outings, shopping as well as house rules and routines and working with staff.

SIL funding covers the cost of your support from staff. SIL funding does not cover day to day costs such as rent, food and household costs nor does it cover transport. Other things that aren’t included in SIL are things like holidays, outings, special equipment or personal purchases like toiletries, etc.

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