Support for Foster Carers

Preparing for the challenges of caring for a child in need

Fostering is hugely rewarding. It also brings with it challenges you may be unfamiliar with. Children in need of out-of-home care have often witnessed traumatic events and may not have received the nurturing they need.

These experiences can cause children and young people to become stressed, anxious or angry. They may withdraw, be depressed or show challenging behaviours such as lashing out at you verbally or physically.

Consistent nurturing and understanding from a foster family goes a long way to helping children or young people cope with these issues. But at times you will also need extra support from a case worker.

We support you, while you support them

To help prepare you for these sometimes challenging behaviours, we provide ongoing training and 24-hour support. Your training will cover:

  • Caring for adolescents
  • Understanding sexualised behaviours
  • Caring for a child or young person with autistic spectrum disorder and ADHD
  • Identifying and managing stress
  • Fostering healthy relationships with birth families
  • Surviving allegations and investigations
  • Understanding the impact of trauma on brain development and attachment

Once you become an authorised foster carer for Challenge Foster Care, you will become a part of our team dedicated to supporting the children and young people in your care. As part of the Challenge team, you will take part in planning and decision making for the child or young person in your care. You will also receive a reimbursement carer allowance from Challenge Foster Care and may be eligible for additional supports. 

Concerned about a child in your care? Contact your case worker direct, or access the 24/7 on-call support line. 

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