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The majority of young people in OOHC have suffered much adversity and trauma in their lives. The adults caring for these young people must understand the effects of trauma and adversity so they can respond in a way that decreases the young person’s stress. When a trusted adult is trauma-informed they can respond to a child or young person with understanding and empathy when they cannot control their emotions. They also know the importance of the young person’s perceptions of safety within the context of a trusting relationship.

The Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) system helps organisations create a trauma-sensitive environment where young people and adults are safe and feel safe and all adults involved in caring for the child or young person understand the effects of trauma and adversity.  The goal of the TCI system is to prevent and de-escalate potential crises, build the capacity of staff to manage aggressive and violent behaviours avoiding potential injuries, and to create a learning culture where everyone, young people and adults, learn from experience. 


The modules below can help you respond to aggressive behaviours in ways that empower children, recognizing that aggression may be the result of past trauma.

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