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Foster Carers Needed

There are thousands of children and young people aged 0-17 in the New South Wales out-of-home care system needing a loving home. And while there are many caring individuals and families opening up their homes and lives to foster children, there remains an ongoing need for more carers.
We understand the decision to foster is a big one. You’ll first need to talk about it with the people close to you. The next step is to contact the Challenge Foster Care team to discuss your situation and your suitability as a foster carer. Once you become a carer you’ll be supported all the way by a dedicated caseworker and the Challenge team.

We urgently need dedicated people to provide care to children currently in motels and in need of a safe a nurturing home.

Alex* In the New England region

Alex* is currently living in a motel with support workers in New England.

Alex is a kind, affectionate, funny, caring and happy 7-year-old boy. He attends school full time, loves to play with his friends during break times and is showing a great enthusiasm for learning.

Alex thrives off a strong routine and will need carers who can be patient with him. Alex has a close relationship with his siblings who also live in the New England region and they are very important to him. His carers would need to be able to support Alex to visit his siblings regularly.  

If you think you might be able to provide a safe, nurturing, and stable family environment for Alex please get in touch with our team today.

Ben* on the Central Coast

Ben* is a creative 9 year old who lives on the Central Coast. He loves everything to do with footy, playing cricket and technology. He also enjoys some solo activities like building things from Lego, reading books and writing.

It’s important for Ben to remain in the Central Coast area so he can maintain ongoing medical relationships with his team and support workers. Recent changes have meant that Ben is now in urgent need of a stable and caring home.
He will benefit most from carers who are patient, able to give him one on one attention and have the ability to work with his support team and help him attend specialist appointments. 

YOU ARE STRONG, YOU ARE BRAVE, YOU ARE READY! Take the next step, contact us now.

Georgia* on the Central Coast

Georgia* is a kind and active teenager who is going through school on the Central Coast of NSW with the hopes of moving into a career working with animals. Like many teenagers, Georgia* is enjoying the experience and responsibility that comes with working in her first job, but a lack of stable housing is presenting her with some challenges.

It’s important for Georgia to stay on the Central Coast to maintain her family and school relationships, but she is in urgent need of a stable, supportive home that can support her as she works towards achieving her goals.

If you think you could be the right person to offer this to Georgia, please contact our team today.

Kaleb* on the Central Coast

Kaleb* is an engaging 12 year old boy, who is currently living with support staff in supported accommodation on the Central Coast. Are you strong enough to support him to manage his ADHD and anxiety? Are you brave enough to take the next step to enquire about providing him with a caring home which supports him with his sense of belonging and to become a part of a family unit? Are you ready to help support Kaleb to continue with his schooling and support his interest of watching YouTube, movies and playing his Xbox?

YOU ARE READY! Take the next step, contact us now.

Jackson* on the Central Coast

Jackson* lives on the Central Coast of NSW, where like just about every other boy his age he loves to swim at the beach and enjoy lots of outdoor activities. He’s very active, often spending his afternoons playing soccer, hunting for lizards and climbing trees. Jackson has a keen sense of humour and very active imagination that loves to entertain all those around him with jokes and stories.

It’s important for Jackson to be able to maintain his family relationships, schooling and support networks, which are all based in the Central Coast area. Those who care for him will need to be mindful of the impacts of trauma on young people and behaviours that can result from this.

A home that can provide Jackson with stability, support and care will be the ideal long-term placement for him. Like most kids, he requires some boundaries and a lot of support in order to thrive.

Toby* in the Hunter Region

Toby* absolutely loves dinosaurs, Lego and any kind of play that involves being active. Even though he is only 9 years old, Toby is a very affectionate and caring boy who likes to make sure that others are ok around him. He is naturally curious and enjoys the opportunity to try new experiences when given some encouragement and support.

Toby needs someone who can provide a stable, loving environment for him on a long-term basis. Carers for Toby will need to take him to appointments with his health and support network and develop an understanding of the unique supports he needs.

Cody and Cara* in the Dubbo Region

Cody and Cara* are siblings from the Dubbo region who are in need of a stable, long-term foster care placement. It’s important that they stay in the region to maintain connection to Country, Culture, family and school networks.

Cody is an active and happy 3 year old boy who loves playing with his older sister Cara, who is 8. Their sibling bond is very strong and it’s important for us to find a home where they can continue bond and grow up together.

If you live in the Western NSW region and think you may be able to provide a loving home for these closely bonded siblings, please contact our team today for more information.

Hayley* in the Hunter region

Hayley* is an 11 year old girl in need of a loving home. Some of her interests include horse riding, soccer, gymnastics, basketball, netball, art, writing, cooking, playing the keyboard, skating and Billie Eilish.

Hayley is a very loving young girl, who enjoys arts and crafts, spending time with others and being outside playing on a trampoline. Hayley is a very sentimental young girl, and takes great pride in her early memories, keeping letters and all of the memories of her birth.

Hayley is in need of a loving home who is able to provide care for her, being able to support her with unconditional love. Hayley thrives off being showered with love and attention, and is looking for a stable loving home to meet her needs.

You can be the change that Hayley needs in her life.   

Oscar, Joshua and Rocco* on the Central Coast

Oscar, Joshua and Rocco* are siblings from the Central Coast region who are in need of a stable, long-term foster care placement. They have younger siblings nearby so it is very important to the boys that they remain in the area.

Oscar is a young, clever, energetic 7 year old who has a love for Math and Reading. He loves to spend time having a cuddle while watching a movie and can easily be entertained with some tricky math or reading problems. Oscar enjoys being outdoors and playing with others using his imagination. He is an articulate and compassionate young boy who thrives off of emotional support and comfort.

Joshua is a clever, happy go lucky, funny 4 year old who adores his big brother and looks up to him for examples of good behaviour. Joshua also loves to be with his big people who enjoy providing praise, time and support to help him reach his potential. Joshua enjoys all things active including climbing, cooking, playing and going on adventures and sees himself as a big boy.

Rocco is a happy, bubbly 18-month-old boy who loves to play with his soccer ball and his famous words are “kick it!”, He loves to have cuddles but is also very independent and loves to explore his environment. Rocco really enjoys interacting with other children and especially loves being with his big brothers. Rocco is meeting all of his development milestone and one of his favourite things is food!!!

If you live on the Central Coast and think you may be able to provide a loving home for these closely bonded siblings, please contact our team today for more information.

Jack* in Sydney

Like most boys his age, Jack* loves to play outdoors and stay active, jump on the trampoline, climb trees, and engage fully with his environment.

Jack will soon be turning 4 and starting pre-school and is looking forward to making friends and taking part in everything school has to offer. Our team are trying to find a long-term placement for Jack where he can remain connected to his Allied Health support network, who provide him with speech and occupational therapy, behaviour support planning and physiology. Because he requires a little bit extra support, it would be best for Jack to have carers that don’t currently care for other children and are able to provide a stable and caring environment as he transitions to school.

If you’re in the Sydney region and feel like you can offer the long-term
care Jack needs, please get in touch with our team.

Jonny & Kaitlyn* in Sydney

Jonny is 4 years old and Kaitlyn is 6 years old. Jonny loves anything to do with mowing, edging and working on the grass. He has a shirt that says ‘mower man’ on the front. He loves to dress up in sparkly, glittery clothes and prefers tights to tracksuit pants. He enjoys swimming and gymnastics. Kaitlyn loves drawing and colouring, her favourite colours are pink and purple. She enjoys swimming and gymnastics. Ideally both children would be placed in a fairly ‘typical’ household according to their psychologist. A household with no other children except eachother would be beneficial. The children will benefit with some one-on-one time with their carers. 

If you’re in the Sydney area and feel you could provide a safe and stable home for Jonny and Kaitlyn, please get in touch with our team.

Lily* in Sydney

Lily* is a creative and fun-loving 15-year-old who is happiest when she’s curled up with a good book, gaming or watching anime. She loves being around animals and likes the cuddles and company of a pet dog. Lily loves going on adventures and experiencing new things.

Lily is excited about the independence of adulthood and is learning to cook. She can be quite shy at first, but once she’s comfortable with you, she will chat and laugh for days.

Lily has strong connections with family in the St Clair area of Sydney, and ideally, we’d love to find her a stable placement close to the areas so she can maintain those relationships.

If you think you can help Lily find some stability, get in touch with our team today.

Sage & Holly* in the Northern Rivers

Sage* is an intelligent and affectionate 10-year-old who loves to dance and create art. She’s always up for an imaginary game of horses with her friends at school. Her 7-year-old sister Holly* is a very curious and adventurous little girl. Holly loves to show her friends and adults her tricks in the swimming pool.

Sage and Holly are in the Northern Rivers and family time is important to them – they would love to stay close to their brother in the area. The girls have had a tough time so they need a carer who can give them their full attention, a home without other children would be preferable.

If you can provide the safety and stability that these little girls need, please get in touch with our team today.


Rachel & Rebecca* in New England

Meet Rachel*, a bubbly 10-year-old who’s all about fishing, singing, and getting artsy. She wants you to know she’s super cute and kind, and loves to learn about her cultural roots.

Rebecca* is an adventurous 9 year old, who’s into biking, fishing, and Lainey Wilson.

She’s a bit shy at first but turns into a ball of giggles once she feels comfortable! Rebecca wants you to know that her favourite colour is rainbow, and her favourite animal is horses.

The girls share a strong bond but need carers who understand that they need their own space sometimes. If you’re patient, caring, and want to make a real difference, these sisters could really use your love and support!

Find out more about becoming a Foster Carer with Challenge today


Challenge Foster Care is seeking someone who has an understanding of the importance of family and community connections and can provide a stable and supportive environment for these children.

If you feel you can help to provide young people in Out Of Home Care with hope and a stable home, please contact us via our online enquiry form below.

* Names changed and models used to protect privacy.

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