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Foster Carers Needed

There are thousands of children and young people aged 0-17 in the New South Wales out-of-home care system needing a loving home. And while there are many caring individuals and families opening up their homes and lives to foster children, there remains an ongoing need for more carers.
We understand the decision to foster is a big one. You’ll first need to talk about it with the people close to you. The next step is to contact the Challenge Foster Care team to discuss your situation and your suitability as a foster carer. Once you become a carer you’ll be supported all the way by a dedicated caseworker and the Challenge team.

We urgently need dedicated people to provide care to children currently in motels and in need of a safe a nurturing home.

Hayley in the Hunter region

Hayley is an 11 year old girl in need of a loving home. Some of her interests include horse riding, soccer, gymnastics, basketball, netball, art, writing, cooking, playing the keyboard, skating and Billie Eilish.

Hayley is a very loving young girl, who enjoys arts and crafts, spending time with others and being outside playing on a trampoline. Hayley is a very sentimental young girl, and takes great pride in her early memories, keeping letters and all of the memories of her birth.

Hayley is in need of a loving home who is able to provide care for her, being able to support her with unconditional love. Hayley thrives off being showered with love and attention, and is looking for a stable loving home to meet her needs.

You can be the change that Hayley needs in her life.   

Find out more about the children and young people that are in URGENT need of a carer or family to support them.

Alex In the New England region

Alex is 6 years old and needs to stay in the New England area to maintain connections with his siblings and family. Alex has unique care requirements, and he needs patient carers who are mindful of his trauma and disabilities.

Alex will need energetic carers who can take him to weekly allied health appointments. Alex is always active and almost always has a smile on his face, he would thrive in a home where he can be provided with one on one attention.


If you think you’re able to help, get in touch with Challenge Foster Care today.

Find out more about the children and young people that are in URGENT need of a carer or family to support them.

Ben on the Central Coast

Ben* is a creative 9 year old who lives on the Central Coast. He loves everything to do with footy, playing cricket and technology. He also enjoys some solo activities like building things from Lego, reading books and writing.

It’s important for Ben to remain in the Central Coast area so he can maintain ongoing medical relationships with his team and support workers. Recent changes have meant that Ben is now in urgent need of a stable and caring home.
He will benefit most from carers who are patient, able to give 

him one on one attention and have the ability to work with his support team and help him attend specialist appointments. 

YOU ARE STRONG, YOU ARE BRAVE, YOU ARE READY! Take the next step, contact us now.

Sophie on the Central Coast

Sophie* is a creative nine-year-old from the Central Coast who loves reading and creating art. Although quite shy, Sophie attends school and has a network of friends and teachers that assist her throughout the day.

A home that is filled with love and routines would be the perfect place for Sophie to continue building her self-confidence and social skills. Carers for her will need to be aware of trauma and its impacts on young people, and willing to support her in moving through these challenges.

If you think you could provide a stable home for Sophie, get in touch with our team.

Georgia on the Central Coast

Georgia* is a kind and active teenager who is going through school on the Central Coast of NSW with the hopes of moving into a career working with animals. Like many teenagers, Georgia* is enjoying the experience and responsibility that comes with working in her first job, but a lack of stable housing is presenting her with some challenges.

It’s important for Georgia to stay on the Central Coast to maintain her family and school relationships, but she is in urgent need of a stable, supportive home that can support her as she works towards achieving her goals.

If you think you could be the right person to offer this to Georgia, please contact our team today.

Kaleb on the Central Coast

Kaleb is an engaging 12 year old boy, who is currently living with support staff in supported accommodation on the Central Coast. Are you strong enough to support him to manage his ADHD and anxiety? Are you brave enough to take the next step to enquire about providing him with a caring home which supports him with his sense of belonging and to become a part of a family unit? Are you ready to help support Kaleb to continue with his schooling and support his interest of watching YouTube, movies and playing his Xbox? YOU ARE READY! Take the next step, contact us now.

Challenge Foster Care is seeking someone who has an understanding of the importance of family and community connections and can provide a stable and supportive environment for these children.

Please contact us if you feel you can help to provide young people in Out Of Home Care with hope and a stable home please email our team on

Alternatively, you can fill out our online enquiry form below to find out more.

* Names changed and models used to protect privacy.

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