There are thousands of children and young people aged 0-17 in the New South Wales out-of-home care system needing a loving home. And while there are many caring individuals and families opening up their homes and lives to foster children, there remains an ongoing need for more carers.
We understand the decision to foster is a big one. You’ll first need to talk about it with the people close to you. The next step is to contact the Challenge Foster Care team to discuss your situation and your suitability as a foster carer. Once you become a carer you’ll be supported all the way by a dedicated caseworker and the Challenge team.

We urgently need dedicated people to provide care to children currently in motels and in need of a safe a nurturing home.

Tom & Lucy In the New England region

Tom and Lucy are siblings located in the New England region; Tom is six and loves trains, reading books and dinosaurs. He is affectionate and happy and almost always has a smile on his face. Tom will need a carer who is kind and understanding and who might have some knowledge of autism and communication delays. He’ll need an energetic carer who can take him to weekly therapeutic appointments and who has the capacity and willingness to learn about trauma and the impact it has on children’s lives. Lucy is 1 year old and totally adorable. Tom smiles a lot but Lucy smiles most of the time! She needs support to continue meeting her early childhood milestones.

Find out more about the children and young people that are in URGENT need of a carer or family to support them.

Chloe in the Mid North Coast

Chloe is a vibrant 12 year old girl who is currently living in supported care on the Mid North Coast of NSW. She enjoys school, shopping, animals and chatting to family on the phone. Chloe is looking for someone who can support her into her teenage years and assist with her emotional regulation. A home where Chloe is the only young person would give Chloe the best chance at thriving. An understanding of trauma informed care would be important for Chloe’s carers. Chloe needs someone who has a strong and caring character, along with passion and empathy. You have a chance to change Chloe’s life and enhance your own. If you think this might be you, get in touch now!


Robbie is an outgoing 11 year old boy, who is currently living in supported care. We are looking for carers in Sydney, Central Coast or the Hunter region. Robbie will need your strength to support him in managing his ADHD and anxiety. Are you brave enough to take the next step to enquire about providing him with a stable home, giving him a sense of belonging. You will be key in developing Robbie’s social skills and supporting his sense of identity as a young adult. You will be ready to encourage Robbie to continue with his schooling and support his interest of art, being outdoors and his love of animals? YOU ARE STRONG, YOU ARE BRAVE, YOU ARE READY! Take the next step, contact us now.

Lilly in New England

Lilly is an 11 year old girl currently living in the Tamworth Area. Lilly is looking for a home within the New England region so she can maintain a connection to family. Lilly is a vibrant and energetic little girl who loves dance, eisteddfods and performing. Lilly is also enjoys spending time outdoors and riding horses. We are looking for a very specific foster carer(s) who are able to provide Lilly with the love and attention she needs. Lilly will thrive with a female carer(s) in a household with no other children. The ideal carer(s) will have an understanding of trauma informed care, access to their own transport and have a flexible schedule. Same sex couples are encouraged to apply.

Anne in Western Sydney

Anne is a 15 year old girl, currently living in Western Sydney. Anne has been on a journey since April 2020 living in multiple homes, trying to find where she belongs and who she can connect with. Anne is exploring her cultural identity further and enjoys feeling connected to her culture as well as family. Anne has also taken a different perspective in her education, with the hopes of completing her high school certificate in the future to be able to pursue her admired career. Anne loves to sing and dance, but most importantly is kind, loving, caring and energetic. Anne also loves swimming, football and interacting with younger children. We are looking for a very specific foster carer(s), preferable single female or a couple who are able to provide Anne with the love and affection to build a sense of belonging. Anne will thrive in a one on one placement, or with young children, as she enjoys nurturing and caring for others.”

Ethan on the Central Coast

Ethan is a 10 year old boy, who is currently living with support staff in supported accommodation on the Central Coast. If you have room in your heart, and your home for Ethan, please contact us as soon as possible. Ethan loves all things sport and just being generally active. He enjoys watching NRL and is a big Roosters fan. Not only does is love soccer, he is a talented player, and trains twice a week with his local team. We are looking for carers who can provide a stable home and assistance with managing his ADHD. Ethan’s carers will need to understand trauma informed care or are willing to learn techniques to best support Ethan to manage his behavioural disorders.

Kaleb on the Central Coast

Kaleb is an engaging 12 year old boy, who is currently living with support staff in supported accommodation on the Central Coast. Are you strong enough to support him to manage his ADHD and anxiety? Are you brave enough to take the next step to enquire about providing him with a caring home which supports him with his sense of belonging and to become a part of a family unit? Are you ready to help support Kaleb to continue with his schooling and support his interest of watching YouTube, movies and playing his Xbox? YOU ARE READY! Take the next step, contact us now.

Challenge Foster Care is seeking someone who has an understanding of the importance of family and community connections and can provide a stable and supportive environment for these children.

Please contact us if you feel you can help to provide young people in Out Of Home Care with hope and a stable home please email our team on

Alternatively, you can fill out our online enquiry form below to find out more.

* Names changed and models used to protect privacy.

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