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Searching for the perfect housemate in Maitland? Meet Steven!

Looking for a housemate in Maitland? Meet Steven

Hi, I’m Steven, and I’m on the lookout for not just one, but two housemates!

 I recently turned 41 and have been living in Challenge Supported Independent Living homes for over 10 years now.


I’m very social and enjoy going for walks in the community. You can often see me walking around the Maitland/Newcastle area with my support staff. I live only a 10-minute walk from McKeachie’s Corner cafe and about a 30-minute walk to the Rutherford shopping centre.


I have a great sense of humour and am always cracking jokes with my contagious laugh and smile. I’m happiest when catching up with friends and being the life of the party. I love going to events like the circus, the Newcastle & Maitland Show, The Newcastle 500, kicking the ball in the park, going to the club, and hosting my famous BBQ birthday parties.


I also enjoy all things tools and machinery. On my walks, I look for cool trucks, buses, and cars. I always stop to get a photo with these cool finds on my adventures. I have a passion for carpet cleaning and pest control, which I do regularly with my staff. I make handmade books using paper and cardboard and find this very soothing. I also have an amazing memory and can remember all the companies and prices almost like a quote.


I’m a very caring housemate who enjoys quiet time and loves music and singing. If you also love Roxette, Meat Loaf, Bon Jovi, and Kenny Rogers, then we’ll get along great! I love to sing on my car trips to Newcastle every Thursday, where I go for a walk along the break wall and beaches. I love meeting people walking their dogs and getting the chance to give them a pat and to find out the dog’s name and breed. I enjoy going to the club for dinner, especially at the Mozzie in Hexham or the East Maitland Bowling Club. My go-to order is sweet and sour pork.


When I’m not mastering my skills on the totem tennis in the backyard, I’m spending time with my mates from another Challenge SIL home, Adrian and Jeremy. Adrian and I love helping to cook a BBQ. They’re on the hunt for a housemate too!


If you think we would get along well, and you’re looking for a home where you can be supported in your independence, check out my home and get in touch with my team.

Looking forward to meeting my new housemates!


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