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A Decade of Volunteering

two male volunteers wearing hi-vis jackets stand in their garden smiling

For over ten years, Gary and Scott have been volunteering at the Hunter Wetlands Centre, working with the “Thursday Mob” gardeners. Their work has seen them spend many hours helping with weeding, planting trees and assisting with other kinds of maintenance when needed. Being outdoors and amongst nature is something that brings the pair great joy. 

Recently, Gary and Scott embarked on a new and exciting project at the Wetland Centre. They were given the chance to help build and plant a new large garden surrounding the plant nursery. What started as a plot of bare grass and weeds has now been transformed into a flourishing native garden, thanks to their relentless efforts and passion for what they do. 


The Friendship Gardens 

With dedication and teamwork, Gary, Scott, and the volunteer group cleared the area, mulched it, and planted numerous trees and bushes, creating a beautiful new garden. In recognition of their long-lasting efforts and the friendships formed during this project, the wetlands volunteer group has named the garden “The Friendship Gardens.” 

This beautiful space will provide sanctuary for volunteers, visitors and wildlife for many years to come. A plaque honouring the contributions of Gary, Scott, and all the volunteers has been placed in the garden, serving as a lasting tribute to their efforts. 

For Gary and Scott, their time at the Shortland Wetland Centre has provided them with valuable skills, a sense of purpose, and cherished friendships. It has been a rewarding experience that has enriched their lives and the lives of those around them. 

At Challenge Community Services, we are committed to supporting our clients in finding meaningful opportunities to contribute to the community. Gary and Scott’s journey is just one example of how we strive to empower individuals with disabilities to achieve their fullest potential.  

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you Choose the Life you Love, contact our team today. 


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