Daniel takes control with the NDIS

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When Daniel* decided he needed to improve his mental health and behavioural issues, he enlisted the support of Challenge Therapeutic Services. Together, they have navigated financial hurdles and put in place strategies to improve Daniel’s life.

Tackling the financial hurdle

Daniel first attended Challenge in 2017 after he was referred by his GP for ten sessions under a Medicare mental health care plan. However, Daniel found it difficult to cover the gap fee associated with these visits.

“When I first started seeing Challenge it was under a mental health plan, and the problem with that was it still cost me money out of my own pocket. The NDIS funding I have received means I can now participate at no cost to me,” Daniel said.

“Challenge was originally recommended to me by another disability organisation, and I went to see them for behavioural difficulties related to my disability. I also wanted to discover how I can improve my mental health and seek help to maintain a so-called ‘normal’ life.”

Daniel could see that attending a psychologist at Therapeutic Services was helping him to manage his aggression and improve his capacity to make and maintain friendships. However, he was finding it difficult to budget enough money to receive the services he needed without cutting into essential daily living expenses.

The question was, how to keep receiving the support he needed without the financial burden?

Funding the supports that help

Daniel found the answer when, at the start of 2018, he referred himself to Challenge Therapeutic Services under his NDIS Plan. Under the NDIS, you can control how your capacity building budget is allocated so you can continue to use the services you like best.

Now, Daniel is fully funded for these supports, including counselling and behaviour strategies to help him manage his emotions. He can also change these supports in the future, as his needs change.

“The psychologist was just a great person to talk to, and she gave me ways to overcome these difficulties. It has really helped me out over the last 18 months. Where I am now is a great deal better than where I was 12, or even six months ago,” Daniel said.

Under his NDIS Plan, Therapeutic Services worked with Daniel to create a Behaviour Plan that was tailored to his circumstances and helped to develop strategies that were adapted to his environment and lifestyle. When the Therapeutic Services team assessed his needs, they took into account what was already in place; what had worked for Daniel before; and, what hadn’t.

Continuing the good work

Daniel has accomplished a lot so far, achieving a significant improvement in his mental health, and he is looking forward to continuing the hard work with the Therapeutic Services team.

“I’ll keep going because we have made some great advances together. You can’t put it all down to the psychologist’s efforts. You need to realise that, yes they help you, but at the end of the day you’re the one helping yourself,” Daniel said.

“I just reckon that it’s a great service and anybody that struggles with the stuff I’ve struggled and wants to get help, I’d recommend Challenge nine times out of ten.”

Therapeutic Services offers counselling and assessment around functional skills, supporting your individual goals to help you take part in the community, and increase your capability to build relationships. They can also provide cognitive behavioural therapy to help you make the link between your emotions and behaviour.

Challenge Therapeutic Services offers centre-based and in-home appointments, if appropriate. For more information or to book an appointment, please visit the Therapeutic Services website or email therapy.referrals@challengecommunity.org.au. If you need assistance with your NDIS plan, please visit Disability Services website or email disabilityservices@challengecommunity.org.au.


*Models used in photograph and names changed to protect privacy.


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