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Supporting you to achieve your goals in 2020

Navigating the NDIS can be overwhelming at times.

Thankfully for those who are fortunate to have support coordination in their plan; your NDIS journey can made smoother with the assistance of a Support Coordinator.

Support Coordination is an NDIS funded support designed to support you to make the most out of your NDIS funds. Once a plan is approved a Support Coordinator can work alongside you to understand your plan, determine how best to spend your funds and connect you with providers to help achieve your goals.

At Challenge Community Services, our Support Coordinators could be considered as the friend that keeps it real. The NDIS can be confusing at times, so we are here to strip away the jargon and let you know what is realistic and achievable, and identify ways that you can optimise your plan.

With this blog, we outline what you can expect from our Support Coordination team at Challenge Community Services.

Welcome Aboard.

Upon receiving your referral, our friendly staff will contact you or the person making your service request to arrange a meeting.

Within this meeting our main goal is to understand you and what you want from your plan. It is from this understanding that we can work alongside you to identify available options that are most suited to your needs.

Challenge offers two levels of Support Coordination to a client.

  1. Support Connection

More of a basic level; Support Connection allows Challenge Support Coordinators to work alongside you to coordinate your supports to build your ability to connect with informal, mainstream and funded supports to increase your capacity to maintain support relationships, resolve service delivery issues and participate independently.

  1. Support Coordination

Considered the mid-level of supports available, Support Coordination focuses on assisting you to strengthen your abilities to connect to coordinate informal, mainstream and funded supports in a complex service delivery environment. We work with you to resolve points of crisis, develop capacity and resilience, manage your service delivery and support you to live more independently and play an active role in your community.

Our commitment to assisting you to meet your goals in 2020.

To support you to meet your goals in 2020, our Support Coordination team will assist you in the following ways:

  • Help you find services to meet your needs as outlined in your NDIS Plan
  • Support you to get quotes for services and get the most from your funding
  • Oversee and coordinate service providers with you
  • Help you negotiate how and when you get support, including service agreements
  • Share information between your providers with your consent
  • Help you to Build your skills, capacity and independence to coordinate your own supports.

Supporting the Teegans to stay in their family home.

In 2019 our Support Coordination team met with the Teegan Family. The Teegan family had experienced a failed attempt at applying for home modifications that would allow the family to stay in their family home.

Through understanding the needs and goals of the participant and her family, our support coordinator was able to engage the appropriate building and OT specialists to prepare reports and recommendations in line with NDIA requirements.  This knowledge of local service providers and collaboration with local providers resulted in a successful review of the request which allowed the family to remain in their home.

If you have funding for Support Coordination, contact our Challenge Support Coordination team at 1800 679 129 or email to discover how we can support you to achieve your goals in 2020.


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