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It’s been five years since Sarah first joined our team as a support worker, assisting clients with daily living. Like many of our Team Leads, Sarah quickly found an affinity for the role and was able to build her skill set within the organisation and progress into new roles.

“The development and mentoring throughout my career has been amazing at Challenge, the support provided in my early years to develop me professionally has enabled me to confidently do my current role. I have attended many training sessions that Challenge has made available and invested into the huge team of staff and enjoyed and participated in all training offered”.

Our Team Leaders have a busy role, leading their staff as they provide support services to our participants. A typical day for Sarah can involve everything from staff rostering, site management and procedural reviews, through to staff mentoring and assisting with support delivery. Team Leaders are in the unique position of being on the front line with participants and also involved in policy and planning decision making.
“Along with the comprehensive workload, I try to ensure my clients have heaps of fun with great quality of life to ensure all their complex medical and disability needs are met, but make sure they also have opportunity for skill building and social engagement of their choosing,” Sarah explains.

The biggest source of passion for Sarah is watching participants reach their goals. “ My passion is definitely fuelled by seeing others happy and just having fun and enjoying their life as best they can. I love being part of person centred achievements, using my skills and experience to help support people that could not otherwise manage some of these tasks by themselves.” As a Team Lead, she is also dedicated to supporting and training her team knowing that this is the key to delivering the best quality service models. “I am also passionate about supporting and coaching my team so I really enjoy that part of my role as I know it benefits my clients greatly when my team is well trained and well supported.”

“When I first started working at Challenge, I had the opportunity to be coached and mentored by an amazing supervisor and this really inspired me to make this my full time career and to put my energy and time into learning and developing myself to do this role.” Sarah now dedicates her time to offering the same support to others within the organisation – something we strongly encourage our teams to do in order to provide the best possible service. “as I was very inspired by Challenge’s person centred approach to the model of support we provide our clients. These reasons gave me a solid foundation to my career at Challenge and I am committed to working towards the values and person centred goals that Challenge works towards.”

Looking for a rewarding career, a supportive team and plenty of room for career development?

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Using our First Nations Practice Framework to build a more inclusive workplace and stronger community relationships.
Caring careers don’t just change the lives of those we help. Working in the care services industry is rewarding, challenging and different every day. If you enjoy building relationships with people and getting out from behind a desk, we want to hear from you.
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