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Specialist Disability Accommodation – A home designed for your needs

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

Independence and a place to call home is something most of us aspire to – somewhere we feel safe, where we can make our own personal mark, and where we can invite friends and family to share a meal.

For people with a disability who have high support needs, finding the right accommodation presents additional challenges – especially one that’s affordable, convenient and appropriately modified. If you’re an NDIS participant, have very high needs, and would like to live independently, Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) might be the answer for you.

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about SDA.


What is specialist disability accommodation (SDA)?

SDA is housing designed for people with a disability who need a lot of help. SDA dwellings are designed to help you live independently and more safely.


What’s the difference between SIL and SDA?

Although supported independent living (SIL) and SDA both aim to help people with a disability live independently, the focus of SDA is on the physical home itself – the bricks and mortar and modifications. SIL is about the supports you receive while in your home, such as cooking and cleaning, personal care, and shopping.


Who is eligible for SDA?

SDA is not available to all people with a disability – only a small percentage of NDIS participants will be eligible for SDA housing. These include people who:

  • have a disability that makes it extremely difficult for them to function (extreme functional impairment) or very high support needs
  • meet the NDIS specialist disability accommodation needs requirement and the NDIS funding criteria.

Find out more about SDA and eligibility from NDIS.


Can my partner or support person live with me in SDA accommodation?

You can live in SDA by yourself or with up to five others, including partners who are not NDIS participants. This gives you more flexibility around your living arrangements.


How much does SDA cost?

SDA pays for an apartment or group home to be modified to accommodate your specific needs. You will need to pay for your rent, supports you receive in your home, or any other day-to-day expenses like electricity.


What’s so special about SDA housing?

SDA housing is designed in consultation with care professionals, including occupational therapists. Your individual needs are taken into account so that you can be matched to suitable accommodation.


What types of SDA accommodation are available?

SDA accommodation ranges from free-standing homes with several bedrooms that accommodates to one-bedroom units. The choice of accommodation is based on the design category (e.g. a robust dwelling), dwelling type (e.g. a single-bedroom unit) and location (e.g. Maitland).


How long can I stay in the SDA?

That depends on you. SDA is designed to provide a home for people in the long term – as people age, their needs change and this is factored into the design.


How do I find SDA accommodation?

Challenge Community Services currently helps people with a disability through our supported independent living (SIL) program. We are now looking at Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) options to give our eligible NDIS clients greater flexibility and freedom.

If you need help finding SDA accommodation contact us, or would like to join our mailing list for updates on our SDA sign up here




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