Are you having a dispute with someone that you are having difficulty resolving?

Mediation (also known as dispute resolution) is a private and confidential way to resolve conflicts without the cost and stress of going to court. Mediation can help with disputes between neighbours, family members, retailers or others.

In mediation, you and the person or people you are in conflict with, work through the issues with a professional mediator experienced in resolving conflicts. This helps you focus on the issues in a private and cooperative environment.

Mediation can be beneficial when you are separating from your partner as it allows both of you to talk things through in a calm environment.

Mediation focuses on ensuring the best outcome for your children. Children themselves may sometimes be involved in the mediation session and this can be discussed with the mediator.

To find out whether mediation is right for you, contact Challenge Therapeutic Services.


Family group conferencing

Is your family under stress or experiencing a crisis?

Family group conferencing is way to make sure the children or adolescents in the family are protected and cared for.

The family group conference is a formal meeting with the Challenge Therapeutic Services team to discuss the issues you are experiencing and what your options are. Family and Community Services (FaCS) may be involved and request a Family Group Conference. Families having difficulties can also access this service independently.

An independent coordinator is involved in contacting family and extended family members to be involved in the process. The coordinator will spend time with the family group preparing the meeting, arranging dates and venues and discussing the involvement of other interested professionals or significant others.

To arrange a family group conference contact Challenge Therapeutic Services


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