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This page contains a series of fact sheets about COVID-19 vaccines in Easy Read format. 

We will continue to add new resources to this page as they become available.

Please think about who you might be able to share this information with, especially people who do not have access to the internet. Printing the resources for people can be helpful and take the time to go through them with them if needed.


General information on coronavirus

Coronavirus: What is it? – Easy Read 

Coronavirus: What you need to know – Easy Read

Coronavirus: frequently asked questions – Easy Read

Coronavirus: Information for people with disability and their supporters – Easy Read

COVID-19 vaccination information

COVID-19 vaccination – Easy Read resources

Preventing the spread of coronavirus and staying safe

Coronavirus: 5 things to do right now – Easy Read

Coronavirus: Social distancing – Easy Read

Coronavirus: Staying at home – Easy Read

Coronavirus: Wearing a mask – Easy Read

About the COVIDSafe app – Easy Read

Looking after your health

Coronavirus: Getting a test – Easy Read 
18 September 2020 | Fact Sheet

Looking after your health during coronavirus – Easy Read

If you think you have coronavirus – Easy Read

Emergency planning

Your emergency plan for COVID-19 – Easy Read

Phone numbers you can call to get help

Coronavirus: Who can you call? – Easy Read

The plan for keeping people with disability safe

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Our plan for keeping people with disability safe – Easy Read

Supporting people in group homes – Plain English guide

What is happening in my home – Easy Read Guide


covid 19 vaccination easy read resources

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20 August 2021
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