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Helping young people to independence

Becoming independent is an important step for every young person. Connexions is a youth disability program that helps young people with disability between the ages of 18 and 35 learn important life skills such as how to cook, how to apply for a job or how to budget. We also offer recreational activities specially designed for young people.

  • We have awesome support workers that will run activities and support you to learn new skills and become more independent.
  • Support is NDIS funded (if you do not have an NDIS plan we can support you to get a plan)
  • You will be charged in line with the NDIS price guide (generally core supports funding will be used)
  • Connexions is based out in the community at various locations

Start living the life you dream of with the help of Connexions. 

Life skills training for young adults with disability

Computer skills

Learn how to use a computer or tablet (such as an iPad) with confidence, access the internet and safely use social media sites like Facebook.

  • Start up and shut down a computer
  • Open programs, save documents and create folders
  • Type up a basic Microsoft Word document or letter
  • Use different fonts and clip art
  • Type and send an email
  • Use Facebook and other social media


Learn the essentials of gardening, grow your own plants and get involved in community gardens.

  • Learn the basics skills of gardening and plant care
  • Plant your own vegetables and manage your own patch
  • Access community gardens and meet your neighbours
  • Learn to safely use garden equipment such as spades, shovels and fertiliser
  • Learn about different plants such as bulbs, succulents, natives and trees
  • Attend gardening workshops
  • Visit public gardens such as Hunter Valley Gardens and the Botanic Gardens (guided tour or educational visit)

Social skills

  • Learn how to confidently interact with other people in different situations.
  • Learn and practice social skills through role-playing
  • Improve conversation and listening skills
  • Practise your social skills in real life situations such as ordering food and drink
  • Take part in group discussions
  • Become more confident in public speaking


Get fit, lose weight and make friends at the gym, outdoor workout, yoga or martial arts class, or team sport

  • Improve fitness and learn the benefits of exercise
  • Learn how to work out and safely use equipment such as weights and ropes
  • Learn how to do specific exercises such as lunges and push-ups properly
  • Participate in gym-based fitness and use equipment such as the treadmill and rowing machine
  • Participate in an outdoor circuit or boot camp style workout


Learn to plan a meal, shop to a budget and safely cook healthy meals.

  • Understand different food groups and how to make healthy choices
  • Read and learn recipes
  • Organise a menu and shopping list and shop for ingredients
  • Prepare and cook basic recipes such as roast chicken and eggs on toast
  • Wash up and clean up the kitchen
  • Create your own recipe book

Prepare for work

Computer skills

Improve your computer skills, learn how to use Word, surf the net and gain confidence in using the latest technology.

  • Learn basics of computers such as using the keyboard and mouse, opening programs, saving documents and creating folders
  • Learn the basics of Word such as fonts, clip art and how to type a letter or resume
  • Access the Internet safely and learn how to research online
  • Send and receive emails and manage your inbox
  • Access online training and courses such as driver training and testing

Job application skills

Gain the skills and confidence to apply for jobs and attend interviews.

  • Learn how to look for the right job for you
  • Build communication and confidence skills
  • Write a resume and cover letter
  • Complete a job application by looking at the job description and criteria
  • Develop the skills to present yourself at job interviews such as appearance, shaking hands and eye contact
  • Practise your interview techniques through ‘mock’ job interview
  • Improve your computer skills

Driver training

Learn about road rules and prepare to get your L plates

  • Build confidence, knowledge and skills to start driving
  • Learn about road rules, safe driving and road safety
  • Work through the NSW Road Users’ Manual and practice tests
  • Receive support when booking and attempting your DKT
  • Prepare for your ‘Hazard Perception Test’ and ‘Driver Qualification Test’ through the workbook, practice tests and online training resources

Business Club

Learn to plan, market and budget your own business.

  • Build confidence in business knowledge, skills and communication
  • Learn to develop business plans and goals
  • Find out how to set up your own small business, apply for an ABN and manage business finances
  • Decide on your business, what product or service you want to sell, your business name and ‘look’ and how you want to present it to customers
  • Learn about seeking business opportunities, branding and marketing your business

Relax and have fun

Art and craft

Get creative with fun crafts and art projects to present in an exhibition or sell at the local markets.

  • Go to art spaces, galleries and art events
  • Learn tie-dye, painting, mosaics, card making, flower crowns, photography, candle making, dream-catchers, macramé and crochet
  • Transform recycled ‘junk’ into something new
  • Use art and craft equipment properly and safely


Participate in weekly bowling competitions, build skills and have fun with your friends.

  • Try ten-pin bowling, socialise and have fun with peers
  • Participate in weekly bowling competition with peers
  • Improve bowling skills and technique
  • Learn bowling rules


Improve your swimming skills and build your confidence in the water

  • Learn to swim independently
  • Learn specific swimming skills such as breathing, kicking, floating and diving
  • Learn the different swimming strokes
  • Understand about pool safety and what to do in an emergency
  • Join in water aerobics, water skills, squad training and pool cycling.
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