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A little planning and support can go a long way, especially if you have behaviours that keep you from achieving your goals.

Challenge’s Therapeutic Services team help people living with a disability further develop their social skills and relationship skills, as well as help you to manage your emotions. They can also develop behavioural strategies and plans, both for yourself and your carer.

Support plans designed for you

Since December 2017, Leanne has been working with Therapeutic Services Clinician Payal Patel to develop a Positive Behaviour Support Plan for her carer and service providers as part of her NDIS therapeutic support funding.

“The aim of this plan is to provide the consistent, predictable support to Leanne across the board in a most person-centred manner, which then assists her to achieve her identified goals,” Payal said.

“I have also been working with Lyn and Leanne to provide intensive behavioural interventions to assist them both to understand the diagnosis, and Leanne’s actions and reactions to particular situations. The aim is to harmonise and strengthen the relationship that they share.”

Leanne’s carer and sister, Lyn, said the process had helped her to understand her sister and her behaviour better.

“The plan helps me to understand what is going on for her and her moods,” Lyn said. “It’s been useful to understand her better. Even though I’ve been with her all my life, it has never been as a full-time carer.

“It helped me to understand where she’s coming from, to fully understand what’s going on, and make connections between her emotions and her behaviour.

“Because Challenge Therapeutic Services staff actually work with people with a disability, they understand what is going on. I’ve found the process really good, it’s helped both of us.”

Practical strategies to help

Challenge Therapeutic Services provides cognitive behavioural therapy for people with disabilities and can help you learn to make the link between your emotions and behaviour.

These behaviours can create a barrier to your enjoyment of life, and the Therapeutic Services team can help by providing strategies and plans to manage their impact.

If you have behavioural issues stemming from anxiety, Therapeutic Services can help you to:

  • understand how anxiety builds, for example when the mind gets stuck on certain thoughts and our body responds with a higher pulse rate.
  • provide strategies to help manage your thought processes.
  • create strategies to calm and relax your body.
  • recognise the behaviours that come from anxiety, such as panic and outbursts.
  • develop strategies for the entire anxiety cycle around: thought management, physiology management, and awareness of behaviours.
  • gain multi-level skills to manage your anxiety.

Challenge Therapeutic Services offers centre-based and in-home appointments, if appropriate. For more information or to book an appointment, please email

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Author: Challenge Community Services

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