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Kim joined our team back in 2017 as a Supervised Contact Worker, and quickly moved into full time case work from there after discovering a passion for the job. Her dedication and proactive attitude saw her move into the Manager Cade Work role, where she now works with our Hunter foster care team supporting them to better the lives of young people in care across the region.

When we asked Kim what she loves about working at Challenge, she responded enthusiastically “I absolutely love the people I work with and the workplace culture! We are very lucky to have such a diverse range of people and personalities within Challenge that make the workplace a great place to be. Challenge work to a very high standard of practice, and whilst they have high expectations of staff members, they also promote a positive and supportive culture where employees can build on their strengths.”

Case Work is a career path that requires someone to have a specific set of professional and emotional skill sets in order to thrive. Our goal is to identify those like Kim who are passionate and suited to the role and work with them to grow and further their careers.

“Professional growth and development is encouraged and supported within Challenge and all staff are passionate about being able to support our young people to live their best life in a supportive and loving environment” she added.

We recognise that supporting our team members to grow, helps build the rest of their teams up with them. Maintaining our standards while also developing close and supportive working relationships can be challenging but is essential to success particularly in the realm of Case Work. Kim does an amazing job of managing her team, and we’re extremely proud to have her on board as a Challenge employee.

Looking for a rewarding career, a supportive team and plenty of room for career development?

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Caring careers don’t just change the lives of those we help. Working in the care services industry is rewarding, challenging and different every day. If you enjoy building relationships with people and getting out from behind a desk, we want to hear from you.
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