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Recycle your child car safety seat with Challenge Business Services and SeatCare during February and March 2023

work team dismantling child safety seats for recycling

Do you have a child car safety seat that you no longer need?

Challenge Business Services is excited to launch a new recycling project to help the community recycle their old child safety seats- for free!

You can recycle them over the next few weeks as part of the trial of a new recycling scheme called SeatCare, which is funded by leading child car safety seat manufacturers and retailers. Challenge Recycle has set up several collection points in the Northwest and Hunter and will be working to ensure that all seats are processed and ready to be converted into new materials.

Each year, around half a million used child car seats are discarded in Australia and most end up in landfill or at charity centres. The SeatCare project aims to address this by providing a convenient and responsible solution for recycling used car seats.

The SeatCare trial accepts a variety of child car safety seats and associated accessories including:

  • rear facing carriers and forward-facing seats
  • booster seats
  • car seat and carrier frames, as well as strapping
  • items that attach directly to the seat or carrier supported by the manufacturer.

SeatCare is an industry-led product take-back scheme for child car safety seats that has been made possible thanks to the leadership and support of child car safety seat manufacturers and retailers. It has been codesigned via a collaboration between industry and government with funding from the Australian Government through the National Product Stewardship Investment Fund.

The trial is being conducted across the Tamworth and Hunter region to confirm the recyclability of car seats as part of the scheme and opportunities for improvement, as well as identify any changes in materials used to manufacture seats.

Challenge Recycling Collection points are:

  • Tamworth Recycling, 9 Wirraway St Taminda. 8am – 3:30pm weekdays
  • Koora Industries, 218 Common Rd Muswellbrook. 8am – 3:30pm weekdays
  • Narrabri Recycling, 112 Arnold St, Narrabri. 8am – 3:30pm weekdays
  • 82 marquis St, Gunnedah (enter via Little Barber St carpark). Wed to Fri 10am to 3pm
  • 28 John St, Singleton. 9am – 3pm weekdays.

Recycling your used child car seat is free, but you must act fast as the SeatCare free trial ends 30 March 2023. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to recycle your used child car safety seat for free.


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