Annual Report 2018

For 60 years Challenge Community Services has supported, and been supported by, our local communities.

We look forward to sharing our accomplishments from the past year with you in this online version of our Annual Report.

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Challenge Annual Report 2018


For 60 years Challenge Community Services has supported, and been supported by, our local communities.

From our roots as a small but determined group of parents of children with disabilities in Tamworth, we have expanded to a team of over 700 dedicated staff providing foster care and mental health services, as well as employment, accommodation, activities, advocacy, and one-on-one support to people living with a disability across NSW.

Our organisation has grown and strengthened consistently throughout the years and with our revenue increasing by 11.8%, the past 12 months have been no exception. In this time, we have also:

  • Expanded our mental health housing to 12 group homes, in response to an initial request to investigate a lack of services for those deemed ready to transition back into the community.
  • Opened three new Connexions locations providing community-based activities for active young people with disabilities to socialise with their peers and gain life skills to increase independence.
  • Opened two new Therapeutic Services offices and provided specialist counselling services to various communities.
  • Facilitated over 100 new foster care placements and six open adoptions were granted as part of the NSW Government’s revitalised Foster Care system.

Challenge Community Services believes the entire community benefits and is strengthened by the inclusion of people living with a disability. We believe in a community where everyone belongs and has the opportunity to grow and contribute.

We exist today because of the hard work of those first parents who wanted to create a better future for their children. We continue that tradition through the dedication of Challenge’s staff, our carers and the families who share the same vision.

2018 may mark 60 years of history for Challenge Community Services, but we are looking to the future. And that future is bright.

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Image of A helping hand for a traumatised child
A helping hand for a traumatised child

Stella was a little girl facing multiple psychological and physical challenges, and an uncertain future. When they put up their hands to help, foster carers Liz and Harry knew they were not signing up...

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Chairman Report

In the movie ‘Field of Dreams’, they say “build it and they will come”. Our accommodation services have proven this to be the case.

With the introduction of the NDIS, funding is now available for mental health assistance. After a successful trial of a residential home for mental health clients, we now have 12 across NSW. We are seeing a reduction in accommodation waiting times for all people with a disability, as we open group homes across our areas of operation, including a brand-new group home in Brisbane.

New guiding principles, introduced by the NSW Government in 2017, has shifted the focus of foster care to providing children in need with a permanent, safe home within the first two years of out of home care. While our Foster Care division has always strived for restoration, the new system calls for a greater emphasis in this area and in guardianship as well as reducing adoption red tape, which has simplified the process and lowered wait times for all involved.

Our Therapeutic Services team started as a small group of psychologists, providing assistance to our Foster Care division. Five years later, our Therapeutic team has grown to provide a range of services to our children in Foster Care, as well as a number of our clients covered by the NDIS. 


Furthermore, the team now has clients from outside of Challenge, in areas where specialist services were traditionally difficult to access. Our Business Services continue to employ nearly 100 people with disabilities who, without Challenge, would find it difficult to maintain employment.

Despite roadblocks to their success, we are making huge inroads to reduce the cost of providing these vital employment opportunities due to the ongoing efforts of our Business Services managers.

I believe our ongoing success can be attributed to our stable leadership over the years. Thank you to those who have made significant sacrifices to play a meaningful role in the governance and leadership of this wonderful organisation. My congratulations to Barry and his team for another great result and for continually looking forward.

It has been my absolute privilege to serve as a Board member for Challenge. In 2019, I will take pride in handing the leadership to another talented Board member to continue the great work of this organisation.

Ted Wilkinson, Chairman

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Image of Challenge Community Services hosts annual swimming carnival
Challenge Community Services hosts annual swimming carnival

Members of Challenge Community Services gathered at the Gunnedah heated pool for the organisation’s 15th annual swimming carnival. Along with participants from local disability organisations suc...

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CEO Report

Another year of change. Looking over my previous annual reports, I see a pattern of commencing with “We appear to be in a continual mode of change”. This year is no different.

With our annual turnover now touching $70 million and our staff numbers exceeding 700, we have earned the label ‘one of the largest community service providers in NSW’. But this means little if the cost is a decline in the quality of service we provide. From the beginning of the NDIS, Challenge has chosen to position ourselves as a provider of ‘quality’ services. Worries that participants and their carers may look to cheaper providers have proven unfounded, with the majority still opting for quality services. Our current challenge is to ensure we continue to provide high-quality services at the lowest possible price point, without cutting any of our programs. The digitisation of back-of-office processes has assisted in meeting this goal.

The success of an organisation is the result of the people who work there. Our frontline support workers, caseworkers, case managers, supervisors and regional managers supply the services for which we receive funding. While office staff are essential for frontline services, in the end, our growth and community recognition of our quality can only come through the ‘coalface’. Our marketing division is excellent but our best marketing is still a result of the actions of our frontline staff. My thanks to the excellent people who have made and continue to make a wonderful contribution to our success. 

A large part of our ongoing success can be attributed to our stable, creative, and energetic Board. Ted Wilkinson is our third chairperson in 60 years. He has indicated that, although he will remain on the board if reelected, he will step down as chairperson in February. BarryI personally thank Ted for his guidance and advice, not only during his seven years as chairperson but also in the 40 years he has served the Board. I am very pleased he will continue on the ‘backbenches’ of the board, with fellow previous chair Kevin Kelly.

We continue to receive wonderful support from the various funding bodies both in NSW and Federally. The various local councils in which we operate, along with their communities, provide support and assist us to provide these valuable services. 

When I was young, my mother took me to the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. The Conductor arrived on stage and started waving his wand around. The music erupted; I was mesmerised. At the end, the audience stood and applauded the conductor. I remember thinking “That silly bloke thinks he made the music.” While my appreciation of a conductor’s role has matured, I firmly believe a CEO without an ‘orchestra’ of dedicated, talented staff is just a bloke waving a stick in the air. My thanks to everyone at Challenge for their contribution to our ongoing success.

Barry Murphy, Chief Executive Officer

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Image of Time flies when you love your job
Time flies when you love your job

Every day at work is a joy for Annette Fittler. So much so that it is hard for her to believe she’s now spent 20 years on the job as a disability support worker in Muswellbrook.The beginning of a lo...

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Deputy CEO Report

The past 12 months has been an extraordinary time for Challenge. We introduced our new Strategic Plan with a continual focus on delivering quality services, ensuring we develop our workforce, and expanding our services across New South Wales and Queensland.

We have seen growth within every division of Challenge this past year. There have been greater employment opportunities for people with a disability; more people accessing our Therapeutic Services; increased number of children being restored or entering into open adoption through our Foster Care department; an increase in our accommodation services; and, more people accessing the National Disability Insurance Scheme.


Challenge has made a significant investment in streamlining our services with a focus on the digitisation of our organisation. With the introduction of new systems, we have been able to have better visibility across the organisation and provide greater resources to frontline services. 

A key feature of the past year is our emphasis towards on innovation and excellence. Challenge has designed a number of new initiatives and partnered with several universities to develop Best Practice Frameworks and evaluate the effectiveness of these initiatives.

As we have seen an increasing demand for our services, we have been able to offer greater employment opportunities for our staff. Our staff are remarkable people, with an extraordinary passion for the people they serve. It is only because of them that Challenge is able to provide quality services for our clients. 

Finally, across all areas of the organisation, we have seen remarkable achievements. We look forward to continuing to be a part of our people’s journey.

Stephen Doley, Deputy CEO

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Image of When it’s time to say goodbye: Restoring children to their family of origin
When it’s time to say goodbye: Restoring children to their family of origin

After Sally was diagnosed with cancer just over five years ago, becoming foster carers was a path she and her partner, Lyndal, had not expected to take. Challenging, rewarding and at times heart break...

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Finance Report

The 2017/2018 financial year saw Challenge Community Services continue its trend of strong service growth. The organisation’s total revenue increased from $62.5 million to $69.6m, representing an increase of 11.8%. 

Staff and employment costs accounted for 58.5% of expenditure and direct out of home care expenses accounted for 23%.

The past year also saw Challenge Disability Services funding transition completely from the Department of Ageing Disability and Home Care to the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Over the last three years, Challenge has developed and implemented systems to efficiently respond to the NDIA’s requirements. Encouragingly, Challenge is observing customers use their market power to purchase innovative new services and products.

The sales performance of Challenge’s Australian Disability Enterprises improved despite the closure of key international markets. Funding streams from both Federal and State Governments have continued. We are thankful for the support we receive from them and from the local councils in which we provide services.

Dean Bowman, General Manager Corporate Services

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Image of Liam's forging his own path
Liam's forging his own path

Since finishing high school last year, Liam has made good use of his time.Work experience, TAFE, and Challenge Disability Services Connexions program, means Liam has lots of opportunities to find out ...

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Human Resources Report

It has been an exciting and busy year in Human Resources, as we roll-out initiatives to increase the support provided to Challenge’s managers and staff across all levels of the organisation. Our HR initiatives included:

  • Reviewing all HR and WHS policies and procedures with a view to ensuring they meet the needs of a modern business.
  • Guiding supervisors through the transition to the industry award.
  • Progressively undertaking a review of internal HR processes to provide a more positive impact on the business.
  • Initiating a new WHS strategy to create a proactive safety culture.

Our goal is for Challenge to become an ‘employer of choice.’ We want to promote a culture where staff are happy and engaged in their work. This will be a large undertaking, and work has commenced on many of the steps needed to complete the project.


Tuggerah Therapeutic Services

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Image of Foster love: a critical link
Foster love: a critical link

At age 13, Ella was living with her mum who was struggling to overcome alcohol abuse issues. Her dad, now living in Queensland, had similar issues. Both parents wanted to keep Ella. But Ella needed so...

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Disability Services

We believe in empowering people with disabilities to pursue the goals of their choice to increase their independence and expand their horizons. As a team, we are dedicated to providing person-centric care, ensuring our clients are respected and encouraged to participate in the community and build their skills.

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Image of Eliza's on track to achieve her goals
Eliza's on track to achieve her goals

If you know the industries you would like to work in, it can be easier to gather skills while exploring your career options.Connexions client Eliza has spent her time since school adding job skills an...

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Foster Care

While the foster care framework has changed, our mission remains the same: to find loving homes for children of all ages and provide extensive support to their carers. By helping carers through their fostering journey, we believe we can improve the lives of vulnerable kids. We ensure our carers have the training and support they need to really make a difference for children in need.

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Image of Giving hope in the face of a bleak future
Giving hope in the face of a bleak future

Daniel was a healthy, happy baby full of life when suddenly everything changed. Rushed to hospital with multiple injuries at 3 months old, Daniel’s great aunty and uncle, Lesley and Steve, still don...

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Therapeutic Services

We have built a solid foundation of providing professional counselling and therapeutic tools for Challenge clients and carers to ensure they are supported in their journey. These services have been successfully expanded to the wider community, and we are now providing specialist care in areas where they previously did not exist.

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Image of Building brighter futures together
Building brighter futures together

Providing foster carers with a helping handFostering is hugely rewarding. Helping a child to grow and learn, seeing them smile, and playing a part in the development of their self-confidence are the g...

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Business Services

Everyone benefits when we provide meaningful employment to our clients and much-needed services to our community. Our supported employment staff are able to take the skills they learn on-the-job and the confidence they gain by putting these skills into action to improve their lives and the lives of others.

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Image of Hard work and dedication: all in a day’s work for Garth
Hard work and dedication: all in a day’s work for Garth

Some people are lucky enough to love their job.They turn up every day, without fail, and enthusiastically undertake any task required from them. They are loyal and dedicated to their workplace, and th...

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Organisational Chart

Image of Tonya’s path to a career solution
Tonya’s path to a career solution

Tonya Lewis has some handy advice for school leavers: find work experience and gain computer skills.Her advice is the result of her experience securing employment with Challenge Community Services Sec...

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About Challenge Community Services

Over 60 years ago we were a small band of parents and friends seeking support services for our children with disabilities. Today, Challenge has grown to be one of the largest community support services in New South Wales. We provide support to over 2500 people from Albury to Lismore, Sydney, Dubbo, Tamworth and beyond. With over 800 staff, 85 of which have a disability, we strive to comply with and exceed all standards required under State and Federal Acts.
In the spirit of Reconciliation, Challenge Community Services acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the Traditional Owners and Custodians of this country, and their connection to land, water and community. We pay our respect to them, their cultures and customs, and to Elders both past and present.
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