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‘Under the Sea’ Challenge Community Services Art Competition Winners Announced

On Tuesday 17 December Tamworth artist, Michelle Hungerford joined Challenge Community Services CEO Barry Murphy at Ray Walsh House to announce the winners of our 12th Annual Challenge Community Services Art Competition.

The 2019 theme “Under the Sea” welcomed over 270 entries from people with disability and children in foster care across NSW. Entries have been on display during the month of December with members of the public invited to vote in person at Ray Walsh House or via the Challenge Community Services Facebook page.

 For applicants like Central Coast artist Oliver, this competition has provided an outlet for him to expand on his passion for SpongeBob SquarePants. Oliver, who describes the beach as a place that makes him feel calm and happy, captured a photo of sea snails as part of his submission.

“I took this photo because I love the beach and I love Gary the snail off SpongeBob SquarePants and they remind me of him.”

This visual moment of joy captured in his photograph captured “Trails of Sea Snails”, has filled others with the same amount as joy with Oliver being awarded Winner of Photography on Tuesday

Challenge CEO Barry Murphy thanked the public for their continued support of the much-loved art competition. “The talent on display is extraordinary. We have seen entrants have fun, using the theme ‘Under the Sea’ to explore topics from environmental damage to magical mermaids”

“We are very grateful for the continued support of Tamworth Regional Art Gallery, Tamworth Regional Council, Judge Michelle Hungerford and our passionate members of the community who support our competition every year,” said Mr. Murphy.

Artworks will be on display at Ray Walsh House till January 6, 2020

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