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Disability Services and Support Brisbane

Challenge aims to support people of all abilities to achieve their goals, connect with their communities and live the life they aspire to.

Challenge has recently opened a Day Programs Hub in Redbank. Programs may include health and fitness, social skills development, arts and crafts and life skills. You will participate in group activities to develop friendships and connect to the community.  

We also offer Supported Independent Living houses in a range of locations across Ipswich. 

Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is an NDIS support where you can live with other people with a disability or on your own. Find out more about SIL or call us on 1800 679 129.

Challenge Disability Services experienced, and trained staff will help you with:

  • Personal care
  • Social and medical needs
  • Day-to-day needs such as banking, attending appointments, preparing meals, washing, cleaning and shopping.
SIL is best suited for participants who have high support needs. This means you require a significant amount of help throughout the day. If SIL is the most appropriate support for you, you will receive funding for this assistance as part of your NDIS plan.

Current Vacancies:

Assistance with Daily Living

If you can look after yourself but need some extra help, our Assistance with Daily Living services can make it possible. Assistance with Daily Living means you stay in your own home. A Challenge Disability Services team member will visit you in your home for several hours each week, depending on how much support you need. Our qualified and friendly staff can help you with:

  • Assistance to help you live in a home independently with support to do daily living activities such as cooking your favourite meal, simple cleaning skills to keep yourself organised, you might like a vegetable garden, there are many aspects of the way we can support you.
  • Assistance with personal activities such as personal hygiene, medication administration prompts and reminders to work with you keep you in good health
  • Making new friends and developing social skills to build new relationships
  • Learning how to stay safe at home with as much or as little support for your needs
  • Assisting with developing individual skills and completing goals
  • Assistance with setting goals around budgeting
  • Travel training skills so you can travel independently and feel confident doing so, or transportation support if required.

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Day Programs & Community Access Support

Finding it difficult to participate in social activities and stay connected to friends and family? Do you want to get out and about, stay healthy and make new friends?

Our Day Programs are hubs where programs and activities are specifically designed for people with disability to learn practical life skills while building on confidence and social skills in an encouraging, supportive environment.

At our hubs you can learn something new like cooking or how to use a computer. You can also go on day trips to local events, swimming pools, gardens, museums and much more

Your Challenge Disability Services support worker will accompany you to activities, whether it’s shopping, playing sport, or just hanging out in a café.

Under your NDIS plan you have the flexibility to participate in a wide variety of activities.

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