Tamworth residents can now play a vital role in reducing our region’s waste, with a new program that turns waste into items of value .

Waste No More is a partnership between Challenge Community Services and Tamworth Regional Council (TRC).

We repurpose used items for sale, aiming to improve sustainability within our community. The program aims to increase resource recovery while increasing employment opportunities for people with a disability in the Tamworth region. Currently, TRC receives approximately 102,000 tonnes of waste per year. As part of this new initiative, council staff will provide the Waste No More centre with items for Challenge supported employees to refurbish and sell back to the general public.

Items for Sale: Items for sale may vary from week to week, you can view a selection of items available on the Waste No More Facebook page. Waste No More works on a ‘first in, first served’ basis so we cannot guarantee any item being available. No holds are available over the phone.

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